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For 9-12 years old


Learning and valuable fun that will help your child in school and in the future job market

  • Author's teaching method based on combining technical classes with elements of interpersonal competence
  • Skills that will help your child in school and prepare them for the demands of the future job market
  • Teaching in the form of fun, combining practical education with a valuable game
After signing up for a trial lesson, you will receive a free presentation with a detailed description of the course activities. Take a lesson together with your child and see what learning with us is like.

During our course, your child will learn[ Fundamentals of Programming ]through the Minecraft game and develop the necessary competencies of the future:

  • Logical thinking

  • Analytical skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Adaptability

  • Readiness to acquire knowledge

  • Creative approach to solving tasks

  • Action planning

  • Independence and ability to cooperate

  • Public speaking and self-presentation

  • Communication and negotiation skills

Our programming course for children awakens passion, allows you to master the basics of programming and gain skills that are useful in school.

Minecraft is the Lego of the 21st century. With the GoITeens course, your child will learn block programming, develop landscaping skills, learn to work with 3D space, learn the basics of JavaScript for object-oriented design and the basics of creating simple websites based on CSS and HTML.
Combined with soft skills, these abilities will also help your child in school, as our course curriculum uses essential elements of the core curriculum in math, computer science and nature.

We know what parents are afraid of_

  • Does your child spend a lot of time in front of a phone or computer or other gadget?

  • Your child rarely spends time with peers, has no interests, gets bored quickly?

  • Grades at school have not been satisfactory lately?

  • How to prepare a child for the job market of the future?

Our online course will help solve these problems_.

[ Why ]

  • Our course is based on the Minecraft game loved by children. Through it, they learn programming and algorithms, combining the pleasant with the useful. Children do not approach their next tasks as an unpleasant necessity, but as a favorite pastime. They learn with pleasure!

  • These aren't computer science lessons where you only learn how to create website diagrams. Of course, you need to know how to make them, and we help you learn that too, but other skills are important in technology-related industries today: Planning, teamwork, creative approach to solving tasks, learning from mistakes, project management, presenting one's own point of view, presenting oneself and the results of one's work. This is what children learn in our courses, because programming without these skills is not possible. The skills acquired will prove useful not only at school (in computer science or math classes), but also in adult life.

  • There are no boring lessons on this course - instead, there is plenty of practice, during which children, under the guidance of qualified educators and tutors, carry out individual and team projects, learn the art of logical and critical thinking, and learn how to evaluate their work results. In addition, they independently assign tasks to themselves and define the rules of cooperation during the creation of a team project. It all happens online - instead of boring green text on a black background, children learn programming in the dynamic and colorful worlds of Minecraft.

How we teach_ [ INNOVATIVE HSP METHOD ].

This approach is used by, among others. Microsoft, Google, Apple and Amazon, among others.

The learning process is simple and enjoyable, and children quickly master the practical skills necessary in the modern world.

  • Hard Skills: hard competencies

    Knowledge and programming skills needed to create your own projects

  • Soft Skills:
    soft skills

    Ability to interact with people, both at work and in everyday life

  • Projects:
    individual and team projects

    Children hone all skills while creating their own projects

[10/70/20 teaching formula ]

  • 10%


    This much is enough for students to understand how to take the first steps in programming

  • 70%


    Students will gain general knowledge and skills just while creating the project

  • 20%


    Our educators and tutors always help take the right direction so that the student is able to do the project fully independently

Most professions of the future will be based on high technology and automation. Help your child get the skills needed for a stable, well-paying job now.

Students after completing our course:

  • Know how to estimate the time and forces needed to complete a task
  • They learn to be creative and find out-of-the-box solutions
  • Able to work as part of a team, while taking on leadership responsibilities when needed
  • Know how to present the results of their work well
  • They learn the technical skills needed for the job market of the future

Most of the professions of the future currently don't even exist yet. However, we know what UNIVERSAL SKILLS will be necessary in them and will teach them to your child. This will make it easier for him to FIND OUT IN THE WORK MARKET, where flexibility and dynamic change will be a daily occurrence.

The kid is interested looking to the laptop


After signing up for a trial lesson, you will receive a free presentation with a detailed description of the course activities. Take a lesson together with your child and see what learning with us is like.

When and how are the classes held?

Children will have two online lessons per week:

  • The first class they will attend:

    • logics
    • programming
    • analytics
    • Through programming in Minecraft: math, computer science and nature
    • and other skills needed to become a qualified specialist
  • The second class, where they will learn how:

    • plan your work properly
    • cooperate effectively in a team
    • implement projects
    • put forward your point of view
    • present yourself and the results of your work
    • gain other skills to succeed in any industry

2 lessons per week live: 75 min, 45 min. - ensuring continuity of learning, and natural absorption of the material

Homework, which is an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge gained

Individual and team project at the end of each part of the course showing progress in learning

Educators: specialists who have extensive experience in programming, but also wonderful educators who enjoy and know how to work with children

Working in an intimate group, which ensures the dynamics of the classes and the exchange of experiences as well as the needed support for each participant

Classes in the late afternoon or evening on weekdays, or on weekends, not conflicting with school and other interests

Unlimited access to the proprietary LMS platform with all recordings of completed classes, which are a good repetition of the material acquired live during lessons with educators

Access to the Minecraft: Education Edition platform for the duration of the course

Assigned course tutors who send notifications of an upcoming lesson, keep an attendance list and inform parents of progress

Diploma of completion of the course

  • 3 months

    440 PLN/month

    52 PLN/60 min.

  • 5 months = 1 semester

    416 PLN/month

    49 PLN/60 min.

    1248 PLN

  • 10 months = 2 semesters

    392 PLN/month

    45 PLN/60 min.

    1960 PLN

  • 360 PLN/month

    3600 PLN


After signing up for a trial lesson, you will receive a free presentation with a detailed description of the course activities. Take a lesson together with your child and see what learning with us is like.

Why do they trust us?

  • We control the quality of teaching: we give attention to each child in camellar groups

  • We set specific goals and show results

  • We maintain regular contact with children and parents

  • We help with problems and motivate to development

  • We are an international programming school with over 4,000 satisfied customers

Fundamentals of programming in the world of Minecraft_.

  • Combination of technical classes with elements of interpersonal skills

  • Developing skills that will help your child in school and prepare them for the demands of the future job market

  • Reliable knowledge given in a light and pleasant form

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